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Caramel Apple Cheesecake is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that is believed to be a cross of Apple Cider and Jet Fuel Gelato. It carries the sweet and fruity flavors of caramel and apple along with the pungent characteristics of Jet Fuel. This dynamic combination of parent strains offers a unique flavor and effect profile, that is loved by so many. Caramel Apple Gelato typically has dense, round and chunky buds that come in lighter shades of green. It has an abundance of vibrant orange pistils and a frosty layer of trichomes that cakes the buds together giving them a sticky and glistening appearance.

Caramel Apple Cheesecake emits a sweet and sugary scent reminiscent of freshly caramelized apples. It has undertones that are more pungent, earthy, and spicy. It’s taste offers a blend of sweet caramel and crisp apple flavors, complemented by creamy highlights. On the backend, users note tasting a more earthy flavor that is peppery and spicy.

When consumed, users state that Caramel Apple Cheesecake induces a well-balanced array of effects that is relaxing and calming to both body and mind. Some note this strain may provide a gentle uptick and a boost to the mood, promoting happiness and bliss. The overall experience has been described as being mellow and relaxing without being overwhelmingly sedating.

We decided to take some bong rips from my Mobius Stereo Matrix bong and once the nugs were broken up I could smell a lot more of her fruit terpenes which I enjoyed. I loaded up a tiny hit and as soon as I snapped the bowl, I was hit with a strong punch to the lungs as they were fully expanded. The smoke wasn’t harsh, just thick and heavy with terpenes. As I exhaled, my lips and palate could taste the sweet flavor that was almost like a caramel apple with a strong gas finish. I ended up taking a second bong rip and boy was I faded. Now in no way was it a couch lock stone but it was a smiling happy stone that lasted a good solid 2 hours and gave me a solid case of the munchies. Another thing I noticed about the Caramel Apple Gelato was the way it helped me relax, as I suffer from social anxiety disorder and this had me talking up a storm with a couple of strangers I had just met.

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